Whispure AP250 Portable Room Air Purifier

The Whispure AP250 is the smallest air purifier in the Whirlpool range. At a weight of only 14 pounds, it is also the most portable.

The recommended room size is 320 square feet, and it will change the air 4.8 times an hour. More for smaller rooms than this.

The true hepa filter captures 99.7% of dust particles down to a particle size of 0.3 microns. The hepa filter is protected by a cheaper carbon pre-filter that can absorb smells and trap larger particles.

The Whispure AP250 takes in air through the front, and blows cleaned air out of the top, so this unit can be placed hard up against a wall.

whispure ap250

Technology Used Hepa filter protected by a charcoal pre-filter. Fan blown.

Case Construction Moulded Plastic

Weight 14 lbs

Size Height 19 ins. Width 14 ins. Depth 10.3 ins.

Room Size/Air Change 320 sq.ft. - 4.8 air changes an hour

Noise 40 - 46 decibels.

Fan Speeds and CFM Three fan speeds, delivering 224 cfm.

Clean Air Delivery Rate

215 cfm.

Tobacco Smoke
205 cfm.

224 cfm.

Inside Ozone Limits?
This room air purifier does not produce any ozone

Dust Particle Size Catches dust down to 0.3 microns.

Filter type Hepa, with a carbon pre-filter.

Filter Life One year for the hepa filter, and three months for the pre-filter under normal conditions.

Filter Change Warning Indicator lights for both air filters to tell you when to change them. Timer driven and may not accurately reflect the condition of the filter.

Filter Access Easy, no tools needed.

Filter Cost Hepa filter part no. is 1183051K, Charcoal pre-filter part number is 8171433K. Check online for prices. Using a non- Whirlpool filter can invalidate the warranty.

Energy Star Rating Energy Star rated, based on the clean air delivery rate per watt. An Energy Star rating does not endorse the air cleaning capability of the product.

Dehumidifier No air drying capability.

Timer Not on this model

Remote Control Not available

Control Lock Not on this model

Automatic Operation Not on this model

Asthma and Allergy Sufferers? Suitable for helping to alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms

Whispure AP250 Warranty
One year against general failure except for filters.
Five years against failure of the motor.