Pictures of Dust Mites, (and videos)

It's not easy getting pictures of dust mites. They can't be seen with the naked eye at just half a millimetre long and a quarter of a millimetre wide ( 0.016 by 0.01 in inches).

On the other hand, they're not hard to find. In fact they're nearly everywhere in most homes. You just need some serious magnification - about 200 times more than normal.

Our hero for this first batch of photos is Gilles San Martin and his wonderful Flickr photo stream of insects, animals and nature conservation as well as dust mites. Pictures of this quality are truly remarkable.

Dust mites are translucent. One way to see them is to put some dust on a sheet of white paper, put another sheet of white paper on top, and shine a light from underneath. Dust mites will cast a shadow.

The picture of dust mites below proves that they seem to like company, although the reasons for this aren't clear. Perhaps they all head for moisture, warmth or food at the same time.

The colourful dust mite picture below is from the UK National Health Service.

Dust Mites in the Movies

These videos of dust mites are fascinating, and very short except for the last one which has a look at other small inhabitants of our houses as well as dust mites.

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