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Dust: fascinating stuff. Without it, we wouldn't have rain because water vapour needs a particle to condense on before it can get heavy enough to fall.

Agriculture in some parts of the world relies on deposits which have accumulated over thousands of years to form soil.

Dust comes from an immense number of sources. Almost anything you can think of will eventually disintegrate. Particles come from outer space, volcanoes, burning, vehicles, the sea and ourselves and our pets.

Modern manufacturing and agricultural processes have vastly increased the amount of particulate air pollution. Specially the amount in our homes. These processes, used in home furnishings, can also emit fumes and gases.

The particles you can see in a beam of sunlight are relatively large - more than ten microns in diameter. ( a micron is one twenty five thousandths of an inch)


The human body, through evolution, is good at neutralising larger particles, which are mostly natural in origin - pollen, vegetable and decomposing animal matter.

Health risks mostly occur with particle sizes of less than ten microns which you can't see. Below point one of a micron, ( tobacco smoke for example ), particles can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs.

Fungal and mold spores can also be extremely small, as can pesticides, bacteria, viruses and exhaust emissions. Most of these can be found in most homes unless an air quality system is in place.

Small dust particles at this order of size are less affected by gravity than electrostatic forces. They are as likely to settle on the ceiling as on the floor.

Fibers, ( from asbestos, textiles and carpeting ), are especially good at getting into our lungs and staying there.

Air Quality

Poor air quality in our homes, offices and workshops can result in health problems such as asthma, allergies, headaches, sore eyes, sneezing, cardiovascular difficulties and problems with breathing.

Vacuum cleaners, even the best, will not eradicate dust - most just disturb it and spread it around. Air filters and air purifiers are effective. They act in different ways and perform different tasks, solving different problems.

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